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Frontend Installations

You’ll need to install Node.js + npm, React.js, and Prettier. It’s best to consult the documentation at their respective sites,,, and

There may be issues installing Node.js from the default apt repository on Ubuntu. If there’s an error, follow this guide for Node.js installation from source:

How to Install ReactJS on Ubuntu Linux and NodeJS installation on Ubuntu

Backend Installations

You’ll need to install Anaconda, MongoDB (Community), and all of the dependencies specified in the codebase.


To install Anaconda, consult the installation instructions in

Automation Onboarding


Follow the instructions on the Mongo website to install according to your computational setup.


Since the application runs on Python, you can install the dependencies using Python’s package manager, pip.

~/path-to-dir/hydro-directory$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Make sure you are in the right directory or this command will not work as intended!

Firmware Installations

We do firmware development in PlatformIO. It can be installed into VSCode (recommended) by following the instructions on this page.

The IDE can also be directly installed with the download page if you prefer that and are working on Windows.